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Driveway and Patio Sealing Strood, Gravesend, Bexley, Bromley, Beckenham,

Dartford, Orpington and Sevenoaks

If you’ve recently had a patio or driveway laid or cleaned the best way to protect it would be to apply sealant to the surface. We use a top of the range sealant which has been constructed to limit weed growth, protect your driveway against weathering and stop the colours fading.

Driveway & Patio Sealing:

We believe sealing a driveway and patio is the best way to protect your block paving, tarmac and paving slabs from the elements they’re regular exposed to. We use a strong formula which has been crafted to provide the best possible protection for your driveway and patio. Sealant not only protects your driveway it also enhances the colouring and stops fading.

Why you should sealed a driveway or patio:

The most dangerous elements a driveway and patio is exposed to is water and oxygen, which unfortunately are two things you can’t prevent.  Along with day to day use your driveway and patio can quickly become damaged and faded. Sealant provides a protective layer which stops water and oxygen attacking your block paving. Tarmac and paving slabs. The sealant also provides a strong top layer which minimalises damage from day to day use, such as driving on the driveway or footfall on your patio. Sealant can also prevent seeds of weeds being blown and flowering on your driveway and patio thus limiting the chance of weeds.

We advise driveway and patio sealant shortly after a clean or installation. We cover all of north Kent including Bromley, Bexley, Beckenham, Medway, Gravesend, Dartford, Sevenoaks and Orpington for our driveway and patio cleaning service. For a free quote please call:  0800 043 7404 or  07734 759275.

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